inquietée par le canard [diplomausstellung 2007]

[...] In the set of fifteen pictures, which Claudia Charlotte Linder first presented as her final work at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she graduated, the artist reflects on contradictory rules of painting. Whenever a shape appears on the painting, she immediately removes it again. It could be considered a dispute between color, shape and the actual paintbrush strokes. For Linder, painting is not merely limited to the canvas. She rather considers it a process in which she mixes different media types. By letting a golden lion emerge out of the black or – vice versa – letting a small piece of a shape disappear into the black, she combines painting with the projection of a cinematic picture. The canvas turns into a projection surface, it absorbs the painting which only becomes visible again through light. [...]
painting against painting, eva-maria stadler, 2009)